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96 218 63 02


C/ Los Bolos, 8

Villagordo del Cabriel, 46317

Valencia , España.

Thank you for contacting us. Right away we will answer!


To book you’ll need a credit card. Alternatively, you can make a deposit into the hotel's bank account.


Subject to cancellation, deposit will not be returned for any reason or cause, except in the event of a pandemic with the hotel closed or impossibility of travel between cities. In these cases the amount of the paid deposit will remain as a coupon in client's favor without expiration date, only subject to the availability of the hotel. Also no additional amount will be charged.


Otherwise, notification before 4 days prior to entering the hotel is required or you will have to pay 50% of the total reservation.


On cancellation, 100% of the reservation will be paid when 3 or less days remains, as long as it is not for a justified medical reason.

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